The Alchemist This Thing of Ours

The Alchemist This Thing of Ours

Damn Alchemist is on a roll! I mean after Alfredo with Freddie Gibbs, Haram with Armand Hammer, and The Price of Tea in China with Boldy James and not to mention the instrumental albums the Food Villain and A Doctor, Painter and an Alchemist walk into a Bar. And by the way, did anyone find that secret Earl Sweatshirt and Alchemist album? If so can you link me to it?

I really love seeing Earl Sweatshirt’s progression as more than just an MC but as an artist. Some might scoff at some of his efforts on EAST and find it to be a bit too off-kilter, but the way that he rhymes over his beats feels more poetic. The music is less beats and more like soundscapes for the images he creates to live in. With that in mind, it should also be noted that one of the key things that make this album shine is how it works so well with Alchemist’s current penchant for less drum-centric instrumentals. There may be less of an emphasis on drums but it has to be noted that there is still a rhythm available for Earl to ride to and it serves as a reminder to all why he was considered somewhat of a child prodigy in the first place.

This album is a mood. As much as one most might gravitate towards Earl Sweatshirt’s name and tracks the track that embodies this album is "Holy Hell"(feat. Pink Siifu and Maxo). Pink Siifu “Seeing shit on the screen/Dead Faces/Ain’t none of em green” and “Dragging my feet, Hell on my back, Folks stare on my head, Stress stay on my back…”.

I love it when I see artists being this active. When there is almost a certain disregard for whether or not they are saturating the market and the only thing that matters is them practicing their craft. Even with everything that The Alchemist is dropping at the moment I am still curious to see what he comes up with next.


RIYL: Contemplative drinks after a long day of work where you ponder what’s happening in your life and what to do about it all while revelling in the light of your successes.

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