Goodie Mob Survival Kit

Goodie Mob Survival Kit

Goodie MO -B!!!

A wise man told me that that new Goodie Mob was that FI and I concur.


“Calling, calling the ATL south and the whole entire world

Get up, get into it involved

Looks like a job for the Goodie Mob, lets work”


Good to hear them back and especially back together in general. This album took me by surprise, not only by the fact that it was made but how fire it is. This is an album, and it has to be listened to as such. I may have heard “Frontline” first and someone sent me “No Cigar” a few weeks later, but listening to individual tracks alone doesn’t give it proper justice as there is certified sonic storytelling involved as the tracks blend into each other like one whole composition giving even the lyrics themselves new and complete context to thrive. And in this setting, it also becomes clear that all members of the Dungeon Family feed off of and inspire each other in a way that outside collaborations and features can’t.

It’s been more than 10 years. 10 years too long. But somehow right on time. The first track “Are You Ready” is a perfect opener as it’s a Bomb Squad infected Organised Noize production with the soul of a call to arms “Jesus Could’ve been John Lewis but I can’t prove it” and still making defiant stances like “how dare you put a price tag  on my black soul”.

I would like to take this time to apologize to Goodie Mob for not properly giving World Party a chance. Gipp, T-Mo, Khujo and Cee-Lo are human, and it’s only right to revel in the success of their hard work as we all should when we provide something of so much character and value to our people. I also have to say salute, as it was said on T.I.’s Expeditiously podcast that they only started working on and creating this album during lockdown because they felt like it was something that had to be done and the time was due for a new Goodie Mob album. They saw their services were needed and they delivered. For that alone, I see Goodie Mob in the pantheon of the greats. Get yo Survival Kit!


RIYL: Still Standing, Atlanta

4 out of 5 pounds of red clay

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