Fly Anakin Frank

Fly Anakin Frank


Hailing from the city of D’ Angelo, Madskillz and Arthur Ashe, Richmond, VA, Fly Anakin is a rather indelible and persistant MC. He is also a co-founder of Hip-Hop collective Mutant Academy and Scheme Team. Frank is his first solo album for the label Lex Records.

Fly Anakin is definitely a superb MC but the thing that makes him stand out even further is that there is a fire that comes out in the midst of his delivery and somehow it tends to come out even more during his live shows. Not only that but he is more than capable of maintaining that intensity. This is no surprise as a quick Google search will show you that dude has been putting in major work for a long time with countless mixtapes and collaborative releases.

Most tracks are a Hip Hop traditionalist daydream while persistently pushing forward. Old school Soul samples serve as the perfect backdrop for the array of lyrics projected. His delivery is what really sets him away from other MCs as syllables dance over some beats and swim in others. The hypnotic vocal laced sample gives the perfect opportunity to weave himself into the musical world created by producer Sycho Sid as he raps “I'll bring the flavors cut me in on the gas & cable/ When you weren't able I brought the food to the coffee table/ Ask you, it's a fable so strike my name with a funny label/ Entitled niggas set the game back by a lifetime”.

No Dough is a wonderfully intense song with the movement that feels like you are riding a wave escaping claustrophobia. The midrange in this Madlib production feels like liberating pockets of air guiding you towards ride-friendly exit. Excursions through funky ass organized chaos. Here’s to hoping that there could be a Madlib and Fly Anakin collaboration album as I feel like this song brought out something in both the MC and producer.

Frank is a Hip-Hoppers album. Even moreso a Hip Hop album with an immense replay value. His percussively musical voice will have you coming back as much as the soothing comfort of a not so easily identifiable Soul sample. Oh yeah, and don’t miss the chance to see him if he comes to do a live show in your city.

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