De La Soul Said You Can Stream Their Music In March

Hip hop icons De La Soul are making their back catalog available on streaming services for the first time. After much negotiation with the original sample providers, agreements have been made and now fans can listen to their music on major streaming platforms. To celebrate this major moment in music history, the group has scheduled numerous events and live streams throughout March. Let’s take a look at why this is such an important milestone for music fans everywhere.

De La Soul was ahead of its time when it came to sampling techniques, pioneering an entire genre of hip hop that was innovative, creative, and heavily reliant on samples from other records. Their influence can be seen in countless other artists who have come after them, including Kanye West and Outkast. By making their music available on streaming services, fans will have unprecedented access to the group’s extensive back catalog that spans over three decades.

The process of clearing samples is not only expensive but also incredibly complex; many sample providers had never worked with streaming services before so there was a lot of unfamiliar ground being tread here. Additionally, the amount of legal paperwork required for each individual song was massive; even more so when you consider how many songs were included in De La Soul's back catalog! It was definitely no small feat to get everything sorted out but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

To commemorate this special occasion, De La Soul has created an official playlist featuring their favorite tracks on all major streaming platforms as well as hosting multiple live streams throughout March on their official website. Additionally, listening events are being hosted at locations across the country where fans can come together and celebrate this momentous occasion.

De La Soul's reissue is a win for music fans everywhere who have waited years to hear some of hip hop's most iconic songs through streaming services. The group has gone above and beyond by creating events and live streams to honor this special moment—so make sure you don't miss out! Now is your chance to experience one of hip hop’s most influential groups like never before! Don't forget to visit de la soul’s website for details about upcoming events near you!

-Nnamdi Arinze

image credit:D Matti

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