Talib’s Kweli Release, Radio Silence is a Diamond in the Rough.

Talib Kweli - "Radio Silence"

Talib Kweli new release “Radio Silence” is a diamond in the age of Fool’s Gold.

Our heads are actually nodding to “All of Us”, off the newly release Radio Silence as we type. Talib Kweli’s flow is rightly matured hitting you like a flying guillotine and Jay Electronica sounds better than ever. Electronica flows in as if thrown the ball in mid air and never comes down.

Every problem can’t be solved at the ballot box, We unifying Africa like Gaddafi that’s what got Malcolm shot, They out to stop anybody with knowledge that figured out the plot – Talib

We had the pleasure of hearing the story behind him getting Jay on board via the Ed Lover show. We recall it went something like recording in a hotel room. The results are a reflection of the motives behind its inception.

The entirealbum is Tapestry of Talibs continued dedication to the ancestors of griots and activism. There’s even a well produced spoken work piece entitled, “Write at Home” (feat. Datcha, Bilal, and Robert Glasper.) The beats are heavy with features from Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, and Anderson Park to name a few.

Album can be purchased on itunes or www.kweliclub.com

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