Q-Tip Goes Off on The Grammys

Q-Tip of A tribe Called Quest

Q-Tip Goes Off on The Grammys

Super Emcee, Q-Tip of the Legendary Hip Hop Group A Tribe Called Quest took to social media on last week to voice his disgust of not being nominated for a Grammy 2018. Ok is all we had to say. This can be analyzed from many angles. Our angle is the devils advocate and one from a student of real and true hip hop.

After viewing Q-tips rant on Instagram our thoughts immediately jump to the line,  “I never let a statue tell me how nice I am”, on Award Tour, stated by Q-Tip. We think Q-tip should stick to this sentiment. Literally or not, we’re sure the grammy committee has this line in mind shot. To says this had a bearing on not nominating Q-Tip verses the likes of Jay-Z may go down in conspiracy history. But even if, A Tribe Called Quest wasn’t nominated, to take an issue with a category of best rap album which included Migos is a slap in the face. This is true only if the category is based on artist value verses youtube hits or the amount of guns and drugs promoted.

In a just and genuine world, A Tribe Called Quest would have swept the grammy years ago, all food would be organic, the police would be killing unarmed black men. But its not, Q-tip is perfectly correct in his scolding of the grammys but not in his assumptions about them putting one of the greatest conscious hip hop groups on front page for everyone to download. If, the last Tribe album and the passing of super emcees Phife on top of a dope album doesn’t warrant an award then so be it, that’ll be too much like right.

-Personal Advisory

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