Lin Que “Let It Fall” 1995. When Hip Hop Was Raw.

Lin Que

Q-Tips, ” Lyrics To Go is the perfect way to explain 1985-1993, the time frame that defines the golden age of hip hop. The golden age was known for its naturally characterized emcees, have moved away from materialism, hard hitting boom bap beats, and where lyrics were first and served directly to you on a plate. The golden age defiantly had a unified purpose and code of honor. Not selling out for material was a commonly made point.

Female hip hop artist, Lin Que release her debut album in 1990. Lin Que was apart of X Clan and left the group to work with MC Lyte. She has collaborated with Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifa, The Beatnuts and even was a Wu Tang member.

A good bit of golden age artists from one hit wonders to those whom have stood the test of time like Common & Jay Z produced classics that are still played over 20 years later. Artists today don’t seem to be leaving classics for the next generation. Music is how wisdom is passed down to the next generation. There was a time when hip hop nor any form of music talked about killing people in it. But killing blacks is cool in the rap songs.

Hip Hop today isn’t all hip hop. If the elements aren’t respected how could it be real hip hop? Trap Rap is the main song in hip hop, and often defended by its young or lil ambassadors.

One of our favorite emcees Talib Kweli defended the new sound saying it is hip hop, so we decided to wait and check out more. We stumbled across a good bit of artist we never knew existed. A few were at the top of the game. Lil Yatchy, Young Thug and Amigo’s were a few to name. We actual dig the Amigos flo and caught them saying they invented that style. Whether or not they did, they have mastered it.


We are for creating a new category of music. Music and genres are born all the time. Maybe there needs to be a shift. I believe it was the Black Dot who called mainstream hip hop, “Hip Shit”. Hip Pop is maybe the most used. Hip Slop would work if it didn’t roll off the tongue so wrong.

What has been done with hip hop is that the most commoditized element out of breaking, emceeing, graffiti, djing, and rapping was isolated. That would be rapping over a beat. Rapping over a beat is an easy sell that can be digitized on a cell phone. Rapping at one point and time was powerful enough to exist without a beat. Now the rapping needs the beat, cars, and girls in video to sustain itself.


Common Sense in his classic I used to her made popular the comparison of hip hop to a woman. We look at hip hop as elements like Voltron. If hip hop were Voltron, rapping would be the head. So the head has been taking out and used as a weapon of influence and to get power from the people without giving them anything in return like during the golden age which provided substance. People are $paying their time and getting garbage to listen to and all energy is contagious and garbage energy nurtures mentality of a person effects the realty, effects the salary and whom one marries  If rap is real estate

You can’t sell breaking or graffiti like that. Even though the breaking is also a product in international breaking and dance competition with millions in advertising up from stake. This also stems from hip hop.

Carrying lyrics over a beat is powerful. It can influence many. Its like the beat freezes you and the lyrics grab your attention.

To be devlis advocate, the elders and pioneers were the keeps of the energy of hip hop and were supposed to pass it along to the next generation. They did in a sense but the next generation is under a spell of material. Its like the same war that plays out in star wars and other infinite happening. Emcees are Jedi’s.

Its like hip hop went from being a child, to a mature and responsible adult, then they put a wig on it and thug it into a thug.

To some its like a power belt that’s been used for good, bad, self interest, even Donald Trump post with one who wields its power.

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