A Figure Revealed: Jeanette Epps is the First African American to Accept Mission Aboard International Space Station

Jeanette Epps-Astronaut

Astronaut, Jeanette Epps will take her first space flight and continues to reveal the genius of black women in the astronautical sciences. Days after the release of the movie Hidden Figures Epps accepted the NASA mission to live six months on an International Space Station. She is the first African American to receive this invitation; this Space Station program began in 1988.

This is not Epps’ first thrilling mission. In 2014 she served as an aquanaut, working and living in an underwater station for 9 days. Epps was also a former Central Intelligence Agency officer before beginning her journey to become an astronaut in 2009.


Epps, 49 years young, is a scientist, with a specialization in physics. She is trained in wilderness survival, robotics and much more. Jeanette Epps’ International Space mission is scheduled for take off May 2018. #HiddenFiguresNoMore.


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