Slick Rick’s “Children Story” Returns as a Children’s Book

Slick Ricks Children Book

Slick Rick’s “Children Story” Returns as a Children’s Book

Fans of hip hop’s Golden Age will be sure to enjoy the re-release of Slick Rick’s “Children Story” as an actual children’s book. Entitled “The Adventures of”, this 18 page puffy-cover children’s book details Slick Rick’s classic story rhyme of a young boy who has lost his way down a road of crime. The Get On Down, a record label and premium online boutique, published the book with the help of Def Jam recordings. Get On Down is the exclusive vendor of the book as well. Artist, Gilberto Aguirre Mata, illustrated the book in a style reminiscent of the Fat Albert era. And unlike most current hip-hop music, this literary piece pleasantly shows the dead end road of violence and crime.


Slick Rick Children's Book

In 1988, Slick Rick released “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick”, which featured the hit single “Children’s Story”. The song is still a staple on the airwaves, and its hip-hop legacy continues to grow. Slick Rick’s art and work is currently on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Get On Down offers an eclectic array of products, from deluxe music reissues on vinyl, cassette and CD, to apparel and pop culture artifacts, and appeals to hard-core creatives and music lovers. They tote a catalog including Common, Souls of Mischief to Zapp, Slyy and the Family Stone, James Brown, Howlin Wolf and much much more. While curating an “anti-big box store” aesthetic, Get On Down is dedicated to transforming the way people enjoy music.

“The Adventures of…Slick Rick” is sure to bring the classic song to a new generation of hip hop listeners in a innovative way.


-Ananda Lo @anandalo

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