Snoop Dogg Makes Fun of America’s Clown Culture

Snoop Dog Video Lavender

Snoop Dogg Makes Fun of America’s Clown Culture in New Video “Lavender”



Lavender (nightfall remix)

Snoop Dogg’s latest visual creation: “Lavender” is a satirical music video featuring an alternate reality of clown people. Their lackluster clown lives are definitely depressing, especially after a clown cop pulls over and murders a clown dad who is smoking herb, driving, and carrying his son’s toy gun. The clown media gets wind of the story and presents the clown news while introducing the clown president: Ronald Klump. Of course, the video is also filled with weed smoke, vixens, dogs, cars, guns and Snoop—slicked backed braids and all.

Traditionally, Lavender is an aromatic herb used to soothe or relax; it has now become a popular strand of marijuana. But, with the fake clown assassination of Ronald Klump, Snoop Dogg has turned “Lavender” into hip-hop’s latest controversial political statement.

“The whole world is clowning around”, says Snoop, who co-directed the video with Jesse Wellens. According to Snoop, “Anytime I drop something, I’m trying to fill a void…nobody’s dealing with the real issue of this fucking clown as president”

Snoop Dogg has been sharing his thoughts on Black American’s relation to power structures. He recently spoke out against the History Channel’s remake of “Roots” and the continuous casting of Blacks as slaves in entertainment. Ironically, “Roots” actor T.I. is another hood rapper heavily involved in the political scene. T.I., who recently released his politically charged album, “Us or Else”, came to the twitter defense of Snoop when Donald Trump asserted that Snoop Dogg was an artist with a failing career that should be arrested for his artistic expression.

Perhaps, while politicians are using Twitter to address political unrest, more artists will follow in the path of Snoop Dogg and T.I. and cultivate serious dialogue about the issues of propaganda and violence that are abound in the United States. If race is a game and the cheaters are winning, then maybe productions like this are a way to help even the playing field.

The groovy techno “Lavender” was originally recorded by Canadian artists: BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada. Enjoy Snoop Dogg’s hilariously shocking and thought provoking video for “Lavender (the nightfall remix)”


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– Ananda Lo

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