Personal Advisory presents Fatnice – Water Colors

Water Colors Video

Produced by Kush Shalimar, one could deem this a collaboration one made in heaven. We partnered with Philli’s own Welcome to Soulville to bring you Waters Colors, featuring Philli based Emcee Fatnice and Charlie K. This classic and majestic production is what happens when dopeness meets head on. We had the pleasure to physically link with the good brothe Fatnice in Philly and this is the first of more to come. A shout out must also go out to the talented video producer Hezekiah whose vision exceeded all expectations. Hip Hop is not dead. She was just in exile.

Watercolors allows for more transparency due to the thinning of an artists paint with water rather than oil. The artist simply wanted to write in such a way where the words (colors) were simple and honest. Theoretically it’s hope that people can be more transparent in their relationships and communications with one another

“Allow the light to shine through all the blacks and the whites!”

-Personal Advisory
Respect the Essence


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