The One Music Fest is a Supa Dope Music Fest


There’s something in the air right now. Black magic can readily be felt at summer music fests. The Natural hair movement, the black lives movement and a renaissance of black pride. We’re enjoying the ride and curious to see how far its going to go.

There’s not too many places that black people as a whole come together in a communal type fashion. There’s a difference in festivals and concerts. Concerts can be¬†indoor or outdoor and often attract 100,000 – 200,000 attendees where movement is greatly limited. Music festivals on the other hands are like theme parks with the performers replacing the rides. We’ve attended Pitch Fork in Chicago, The Brooklyn Hip Hop festival and Afro Punk in New York. Now our Atlanta base hub is becoming home to some of the countries best music festivals.


Unity Through Music is the annual One Music Festivals lingo which takes places in Atlanta, GA, this year showcasing the likes of Lauren Hill, The Roots, Wu-tangs own, Raekwon, Ghostface, 8 ball & MJG, Big Krit and the Internet to name a few. Having to man our booth, we didn’t even get away to see any artists but still got high off the second hand energy from the dynamic & beautiful passing crowds.

We’d love to see the One Music Fest hit the DC, MD, VA area. To our knowledge, thats a wide open festival market. We’ll defiantly be attending on next year in between our store opening.

One Music Fest Photos Here

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