Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Raises Valid Points

Bill Cosby

We’re not sure about you but in the early 80s on Thursday we had to have our bath and be dressed for bed to watch the the Cosby show. Whites and blacks all over the nation took part in this weekly ritual created by Bill Cosby. Little did most know that Bill Cosby was personally very candid about slavery and the oppression of black people in America. Since that time Bill Cosby has attempted to purchase CBS and has built a half of billion dollar empire. Bill Cosby was one of the last powerful blacks creating positivity about black people in America. History doesn’t lie and has shown us that black progression in America has consistently been destroyed in many creative ways.

There’s a thin line between journalists and lawyers. The gift of word play and seekers of truth are the often qualities shared by both. Journalist, doctor, university professor, commentator, and talk show host Marc Lamont interviews Bill Cosby’s attorney, Monique Pressley.

Bill Cosby may have the best lawyer in the world for not only bringing up valid points that the media doesn’t, but by factoring in race along with the social climate during the time of the accusers claims Sexism and rape are very serious issues. But in every industry of issues there will be abuse. In the last five years, Europe has prosecuted 109 women in the last five years for fake rape allegations.

There’s also a term for large groups lying. Its called institutional lying. Its very easy to accomplish if you have no transparency, are viewed by an audience as an authority, and have resources. The Earth is flat, the Prime mortgage loan scandal and Christopher Columbus discovered America are examples of institutional lying.

More related Michael Jackson was also accused by multiple people and found not guilty. Since then some of the accusers have recanted. One was Jordan Chandler whom was paid reportedly 22 million, then claimed his father put him up to it. You have yet to see this is the mainstream media. You did see the entire Michael Jackson case being broadcast play by play.

Bill Cosbys dileema again is that there are multiple accusers. Lying falls under the category of wrong. Can’t we think of many times in history where large groups of people have come together, very organized and done wrong? If large groups of people can sit around with their children and watch people get hung for free, then large groups of people can certainly get on tv and lie for money.

How ironic? Bill Cosby has tried to purchase CBS network which is one of the networks being used to convict him. A black man can be president before he would be allowed to own a network like CBS. We don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty, we just don’t believe every attack on seemingly positive black males role models who have dedicated there lives to contributing to the progress of black people. We are all the lie detector tests. Amazing enough, Monique Pressley grew up on the man she is now defending.


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