Akon Provides Electricity to over 1 Million People in Africa


With all the millionaires and billionaires of African descent in Africa and abroad, the mission of providing electricity via solar panels has been taking on, not by a million dollar charity focused on saving African but by international recording artist Akon. Since the initiation of his venture a few years back, electricity has been provided to over 1 million people in 14 countries. The initial goal of 600 million has been surpassed.



Its almost impossible to excel and compete in technology, science, and the arts when struggling for basic needs like food and water. Africa has cities with skyscrapers, produces college graduates, makes advancements in technology, science, and medicine that go untold while often leave Africa for Europe or America for education not returning.

Having some of the fastest growing economies in the world to date, a new generation has been returning to invest in and empower Africa. This greatly helps to counter the destabilization of Africa caused by its perpetual debt to European Institutions like the World Bank and its sometimes corrupt leaders that divert its wealth from things like solar powered lighting, schools, education, infrastructure, etc.

Its a travesty, that African resources in which the world feeds on aren’t being put back into its people. Akon seems to be the spearhead doing alone what could have been done by African leaders eons ago.

We’re sure Akon efforts have turned the heads of Africa’s colonizers and investors. Just imagine if basic necessities weren’t an issue and Africa’s monies were reinvested in schools and infrastructure, you’d have to world’s most powerful nations. Just imagine if the Michael Jordans, P Diddys, and Bill Cosby’s of the world invested to progress Africa like Akon. It may not be that black/white, but one man provides lighting to 1 million Africans at a cheaper rate than Kerosine many were using and Bill Cosby in American tryna buy CBS. The dual connection that Akon has by being born in America while having African parents is also one that we share and should be an example that solidarity of Pan Africanism may be a remedy to the ills facing Black Americans and Africans.


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