Bill Cosby, As Not Seen on TV

Bill Cosby on Slavery

If you look history in the eye, you’re going to get a black eye. – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was worth close to half a billion dollars. Bill Cosby single handily produced one of the nations top profiting tv shows which motivated an entire generation of blacks to attended college. Hip Hop artists like Public Enemy generated racial pride in the youth during the golden age hip hop era, before Def Jam realized its positive effects on blacks. Before Bill Cosby’s character assassination, he had plans to release his new mini series which supposedly showed blacks in a positive light. He stated his upcoming show would be one to help again instill and motivate black youths progress as the Cosby Show did.

Before that could happen, you had broke women, some ex-cocaine users come out stating that they were drugged by him on the sets of his own shows, which to anyone sounds bizarre, but is in alignment with the history of destabilizing all that would contribute to black progression in America. History shows that if a black man or any other race has too much influence, he is neutralized. A race is a game. the color distinguishes the teams. Its how the power structure views the masses. Dave Chapel had influence and he was encouraged to put on a dress. Who would respect a black man in a dress? That was a tactic to attack black pride and Dave Chapel because he was getting too powerful. Spike Lee stated that Tyler Perry is doing the same thing to the black race by dressing as a woman.

Bill Cosby is worth half a billion dollars, once tried to purchase CBS, created shows that assisted in the progress of the black race, was about to release his new show and BAM, over 40 accusers claimed they were drugged and rapped by him. The timing is too perfect. Bill Cosby is a powerful black male focused on empowering his race through the media. That’s a threat and not going down in America. America didn’t fight hard as hell to remove 4,000 Native American tribes that once were, destroyed Black Wall Street, destroyed Rosewood, enacted Jim Crow, and Apartheid all to allow a black man who cares about blacks to gain real power and influence by owning a media company in America. Naaaaa, that’s not gonna happen. Spellman University canceled Bill Cosbys endowment from accusations from broke white women and ex-cocaine users. This is because they view the organized media as honest and aren’t aware of historical sophisticated attacks done to blacks.  Its 2015, blacks should know what is going on by now. Don’t be appalled at what is being done and how organized. Its business not Personal.

-Personal Advisory

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