Bill Cosby, Michael Brown & the Race Game


By Nathan Alexander

It wasn’t too long ago when Bill Cosby stated that blacks have no one to blame for their problems but themselves. We were unsure if he meant blacks in the Americas whom either speak a language forced upon them like English, Portuguese or Spanish or if this was addressed to other blacks in other nations that are strategically placed in debt to international financial institutions while people constantly ask why is Africa poor and its resources are squandered by other nations.

He also cited elevated school dropout rates for inner-city black students and criticized low-income blacks for not using the opportunities the civil rights movement has won for them. Blacks, by their unplanned pregnancies, poor parenting, lack of education, non-standard English, “counter-culture dress”, and involvement in crime, fail the black community as well as themselves, he said. He cites these things as the causes and not the effects of a system that strategically, indirectly and secretly targets people of Africa descent. We don’t think Mr. Cosby has read the “Isis Papers” by Francis C. Wesling Or maybe he did and thinks its GMO baloney.

Was it a slaves fault in 1792 for their lack of education? The worse kinda of slavery is todays mental. At least with physical slavery one could physically escape, but with mental slavery its hard to run from shackles in your mind. You don’t attack the effects of a problem you must go to the source. And since most Americans and humans aren’t sociologist, anthropologist or geopoliticians who spend countless hours studying people and other cultures, its easy to attack drop outs, unplanned parenting, drug dealers, etc. Free roaming slaves will always come back home. Mr. Huxtable doesn’t understand this or care to speak on this.

We’re curious to what Mr. Cosby and others who are seemingly economically stable say about the Michael Brown murder and for profit prisons. Its easily to tell someone who is mentally programmed from all the oversexed music, movies and media to not have sex unless its attached to responsibility. The role models in the videos inciting free sex and molly along with black men wearing dress on tv not telling them. Pimpology 101 states get the mind and the body will follow. The Pied Piper understands this. Its why the most negative, self destructive music is promoted at black teenagers and approved by its labels owners. Symbols, sound and colors are the language of the spirit. Someone defiantly understand this. Better yet get the spirit, then you have the mind, then the body will follow.

In light of the recent Michael Brown murder. Huffington Post easily compiles a few imbalances out of millions promoted by the media against the idea of blacks and people of African descent. Read Here. But, it doesn’t take a brain scientist to see this outside of an article. The imbalances are everywhere: in science, media, food, sociology, entertainment, etc. As long as a people don’t have their own land, language and culture. THE MAJORITY, NOT THE FEW RICH CELEBRITIES OF THAT RACE but the many of that race, run the risk of getting abused by the people in power who have historically treated them as inferior while simultaneously benefitting from their existence.

We believe people in power will inherently promote their culture first. But it’s a difference in promoting your culture first verses using your power to promote and strategically program negative images into the minds of the unsuspecting and trusting. That creates mental slaves. Willie Lynch wasn’t the only one who understood this. The media and music are great at doing this.

Slavery right now is in HD. Everything gets updated, to suggest and think otherwise is to be ignorant of the facts. The term race is merely an economic term which wasn’t used before the 1600s. And even then black & white is a sub pseudo classification of race beneath negroid and caucasian which greatly assist in disconnecting one from their land of origin, language and culture. A race is a competition. To the creators of that system color just distinguishes the teams. If you think like that you will not be surprised by who is leading the race and the means some will go to to insure they stay ahead of their game.



2 thoughts on “Bill Cosby, Michael Brown & the Race Game

  1. Daniel says:

    Looks like one long excuse for a people who still blame everyone else for where they are and for those who feel entitled to the benefits earned by others

    • personaladvisory says:

      Not an excuse… Excuses are cliche. More of a hurdle that makes the playing field more unfair. You can’t oppressive people for 100s of years and then expect for them to catch up. That’s no excuse that’s just being honest. This truth can be applied to many things outside of people.

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