Personal Advisory Brooklyn T on Huffington Post Live


We were thrilled to be alerted on this morning that our Brooklyn T was being rocked by Marc Lamont Hill during his hosted panel discussion on Outkast’s return to hip hop. Being natives of Atlanta, GA we recall all too well the emergence of one of the Souths greatest hip hop acts. With all the whack southern music being put out at that time and being children of golden age hip hop we initially received OutKast with a crooked eye.

But after hearing Southernplayalistic and then Atliens, we were sold. From juggling movies, family and music OutKast are legends. At times it was that funky, soulful, eves bayou hiphop on 20s, and cats from up north may not be able to totally relate.

Ironically enough, our folks happened to be friends with one of the parents of a member of OutKast producers Organized Noize. We recall days of scratching and mixing in the early 90s coming the basement of a house in SW Atlanta. The later to move on to produce classic albums like Atliens and Stankonia.

-Personal Advisory

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