Kanye West becoming aware of the system


It’s always interesting to observe the progression of a pop culture artist or icon go from entertainer to self proclaimed empowerer of the people. Tupac comes to mind, but from stating George Bush doesn’t like black people and being roasted by Barack Obama, Kanye West still has a lot to say. It seems he has felt or now understands the power structure of the world that has been in place for a long time. Some call it the man, the matrix, the jews, white supremacy, but Kanye has a hard time attaching a reference point to what he implies as the root of whom pulls the strings of the world. He does though state things like corporations may own a drug to cure and also own a product that causes the disease in the first place.

But, long before the trans-atlantic slave trade and Berlin Conference a consciousness has existed that still exists today and Kanye West seems to be aware of it but at times has a hard time articulating it. Its rare for a pop icon, still in the limelight to express this awareness. He states:

It’s a new form of cotton that we all are picking.

We agree… just like a 2013 Honda has been updated since 1980, the same goes for slavery. Its an update. If you don’t pay taxes you go to jail. If you do go to jail or prison, your prison is probably on the stock market where stock holders can buy you. And the 13th amendment clearly backs this up.

Kanye also attempts to alert the masses of how plantations aka corporations control everything from his personal experiences and fearlessness in attempting to conquer the fashion and entertainment industry. He claims this power marginalizes designers of color no matter how much money you have. He then, arm wrestles with Ralph Lauren. Going as far as saying ” Don’t go out and buy Louie Vutton” to show HE really has the power, which he confidently thinks he does. Kanye then hints to ownership and empowerment through fashion by stating.

There ain’t one black designer that makes a suit jacket.  Which is a billion dollar industry.

From Michael Jackson, Prince and Bob Marley. Those blessed with the power of entertaining through music is a power like no other. Its the power to move nations and evoke human emotions. Kanye West is conscious of this power and he seems to be halfway using it to uplight, empower and enlighten his onlookers to how this world works. We hope his personal aspiration doesn’t do him in. Since he has the power of the  limelight. It would definitely help if he suggested a few books to read to those that need. That is if he does read at all.

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