The Flare & Style of JINAKI


From Atlanta, New York & DC for some reason we can’t keep from running into the authentically fly and creator of women’s international clothing brand JINAKI’s Sharufa Walker. If you haven’t heard, JINAKI (Ji-na-ki) is a new and highly fashionable woman’s brand. If beautiful colors and sought after textiles ruled the world, Jinaki would be on its throne. JINAKI’s aesthetic is daring, bold femine and one of a kind!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.28.18 AM

Maternal influences, studying at the Singer Institue while living in France and other dynamics are the inspiration behind JINAKI. Stay tuned for more from the fashion sensation, JINAKI. As stated before in order to be an effective creator one must posses attributes of the creator, Integrity, honesty, patience, disicpline are pivotal for success, otherwise you will find yourself fighting yourself and others.

Jinaki is another manifestation of those attributes. This brand is destined for much success!

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