Happy Birthday to Wu-tang


We’re a few weeks off so happy belated birthday to Wu-tang. Wutang one of hip hop’s largest and most explosively inovative groups recently turned 20 on November 9th, 2013. Every hip hop head seems to have a Wu-tang story ours began in1993.

We we’re in 10th grade and received a free single from someone, we can’t recall. A side – “Protect Your Neck”, b side – Method Man. It took us a few days to get past ‘Protect Your Neck” one of the fastest tracks we’ve memorized by heart

When tracks or albums have this type of effect on someone or the masses it’s because they are light years before their time but still filled with enough relative influence to be understood.

Pure talent and creativity has garnered Wu-tangs 20 year life cycle, not continuous radio play and million dollar advertising and endorsements. This is to be commended and well respected.



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