The Self Destructive Epidemic of Skin Bleaching


As stated by the enslaved social engineer Willie Lynch, get the mind and the body will follow. This post is about a long time and continued epidemic on the skin bleaching of darkskinned women all over the world, in particular Jamaica where cancer causing skin bleaching creams are being sold on street corners and promoted by dancehall reggae artist like Vybz Kartel.

In 1999 we witnessed first hand in Ghana and then Nigeria this psycological backlash of social and economic oppression first hand. The root of the epidemic is the subconscious longing for better economic opportunities. Women, the majority of the perpetuators of bleaching will say that it simply looks better. Buit in actuality they believe that lighter skin will bring them less economic and social misfortunes. With darkskinned people being the majority in Jamaica and all ove the world, the lighter skinned minority holds most of the economic high jobs.

This video illustrates a long time epidemic from the Carribean, Africa and the US. The sad thing is that it’s more prevalent in Africa. Skin bleaching causes cancers and skin ailments, which is a large price to play for hopefully better economic opportunities. One of many side effects of capitalism and white supremacy.




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