Are African Americans aware of the growing economy in Africa? This is a question I often ask myself when I see Africa poised for unprecedented long term economic growth.

I would have to say very few African Americans are aware of this fact and of those that are aware of the rising African economy even less are actually investing. This issue goes much deeper than lack of economic awareness. Unlike other parts of the diaspora African Americans have been socially condition to reject Africa and remain ignorant of all her greatness.

In order to accomplish this, the American media has deliberately portrayed an image of Africa that is diseased ridden, poor, violent, and corrupt among many other negative attributes. When taking this into consideration, one can see why many African Americans may be unaware of the growing economy in Africa.

However, despite this lack of knowledge Africa is in fact extremely wealthy and full of natural resources.

Of all the continents Africa is the only one that can sustain itself without having to trade outside of itself. Some sources have reported that 80% of the world’s resources come from Africa.

If African Americans are unaware of the growing economy in Africa, the rest of the world certainly is aware of it. Western nations like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France are well known for exploiting Africa’s natural resources. And now we see countries such as China and Japan jumping on the bandwagon.

Despite popular beliefs Africans in America are not poor. Africans in America spends well over a Trillion dollars annually. We spend more than some countries annual GDP. But having such spending power does us no good when it’s not being used to create wealth to support the needs of African people throughout the diaspora and on the continent.

This lack of consciousness can be summed up as economic illiteracy. With Africa being such a rich and prominent continent one can clearly see why Africans in America should invest in Africa. Tourism, Real Estate, Agriculture, Horticulture, Construction, Contracting, Infrastructure, Mining, and other business ventures are all areas in which Africans in America can invest. The possibilities are limitless.

One notable gentleman by the name of Jerome Almon is already on the path and rallying Africans in America to not only invest in Africa, but to re-establish a connection to the African people. Jerome Almon, a Businessman and also Veteran, has an ambitious plan to get Africans in America to invest $230 billion in Africa by 2017.

Almon draws a lot of inspiration from China and how the Chinese throughout the diaspora worked with the Chinese on the mainland to build their country to the economic superpower that it is today. Mr. Almon believes if the Chinese diaspora can successfully operate as one with China then Africans in the diaspora can do the same with Africa.

Despite the lack of attention, I do believe many African Americans are starting to share Almon’s vision of Africa being an economic superpower. I also share Mr. Almon’s vision. With a long term sound economic strategy and the right amount of cooperation amongst the African countries, Africa can easily emerge as the world’s next superpower.

In the near future I expect to see more Africans in America and other parts of the diaspora to not only establish an economic relationship with Africa, but a cultural relationship as well.

Anthony Sapp