Japanese with afros are pretty common now!



African American culture is powerful. Some have lended enough to say that power was preconceived hundreds years ago. From hip hop in being used as a social lubricant in Europe and now Japanese and Koreans rocking afros. The Asian afro phenomena has been around for years. The process uses a chemical cream to transform traditionally straight, silky Asian hair into tightly-coiled curls which are extremely similar in look and texture to African American hair.

One Asian has exclaimed ” hair that grows up and out seems alive or as if it is growing toward the sun like a plant. My hair falls and is hard to style in so many different ways.

One thought on “Japanese with afros are pretty common now!

  1. Straight says:

    YOU are a delusional dumb slave, what you don’t realize is that those Asians are mocking you fools. And you saw a picture of one so how does that mean that most them are doing it ? SMh

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