Personal Advisory Well Received in Chicago


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This year marked the largest number of events we’ve attended to spread awareness about the Personal Advisory brand. Chicago was our latest stop while simultaneously on site at a festival in Atlanta, GA. during the labor day weekend.

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The Chicago festival of the Arts marked one of our last and largest events we’ll be doing this year. With Chicago being the US’s 3rd largest metropolitan city by population, only second to New York and LA, this event brought out more than 100,000 people. We found ourselves getting lost even when trying to make it back to our set-up.

In addition to advertising, marketing, trade shows, product placement and celebrity endorsements large ground level events and festivals are key to testing out the market first hand and almost a must when building an urban product or service.

Chicago received Personal Advisory very well, with our hats all selling out, along with a good bit of our ts and tanks. We were pleased and more fueled to continue on this road.





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