Egomeli Hormeku, a Tycoon in the Making



A successful creator is bestowed with many of the characteristics of the creator. Some have one or two. But when one has vision, focus, honesty, Integrity, fortitude, discipline, tenacity and applies it to a business venture, it’s like being a Professor X in a world of consumers. Success is almost guaranteed. God is in the details.

Dubbed Brooklyn’s newest and Coolest All-Around Entrepreneur by Forbes, visionary Egomeli Hormeku is as focused as they come. At 25, he is the founder of the The Hormeku Group, a parent company for an array of successful business ventures. A clothing line, an original rose brand, a luxury cigar line, and book. The Hormeku Groups products have warranted international appeal with products being stocked in Canada and France. This is a blooming tycoon in the making.


“I’m working now to make sure it’s a comfortable physical, mental, emotional, and creative space wherever it will be, the kind of space that has global influence”. -Egomeli Hormek

One of Personal Advisory’s many mottos has always been to let the years of play and working for someone else be motivation to build a dream that will allow you to employ yourself and afford yourself a cushion so you can play on your time verses vacation time at a 9-5.

Nicknamed Ego, he has earned a Political Science and Physiological Sciences double major in three years from the University of Arizona, and has plans to practice Fashion Intellectual Property Law in NYC. Ego’s drive has been fueled by a casual endorsement from Ralph Lauren and crossing paths with GQ’s creative director, Jim Moore. When on a path of vision and focus, crossing paths with the likes of those and situations that will add fuel to your journey isn’t by chance. It’s like playing a video game and getting to such a high level then a sword appears to help you. It’s divine assistance to let you know you are on the right path.

Along with friends, College bore the book and first brand under The Hormeku Group, “The Nerdy McFly Manifesto”, a venture containing 1001 rules for men on how to create a balance between smart and cool.

Ego has a target aim to open his flagship store in the Summer of 2013. This store will showcase his various brands, which of one Nothing Nice New York will cater to the urban, stylish and progressive male.

“It’s a wild ride,” he says. “One day I can wake up and sell a few thousand dollars in cigars. The next I might only sell a tie but make someone look and feel like a million bucks. As long as I over-deliver every time. Every day is different but it gets better.” -Egomeli Hormek

National demand from various clubs for Steel Rosé has garnered Ego even more of a national spotlight. Emmit Smith has been an attendee for a Hormeku Group party In New York’s Meatpacking District and Rhinanna is one of many fans.

Ego stated that Personal Advisory will define culture soon. We say Ego is defining culture now and we are taking notes. We salute Ego and wish him well.

Power goes beyond control, strength, and superiority. You see, there is power in thought. There is power in vision. There is power in acting upon that vision and transforming those thoughts into something tangible. Those individuals out in the world who take the initiative to act upon their dreams in order to achieve their vision are those who have influence. -Dee. O”

-Personal Advisory
photo credit: Aaron Francis

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