What Conspiracy Theories Are Made Of


When Mel Gibson graced the movie screen and played an unstable conspiracists in “Conspiracy Theorist” that was damage control because too many independent thinkers, historians, whistle blowers, non tv watchers were making intuitive, logical, and tangible connections about the unbelievable extremes that the hands behind governments and other institutions go to will things their way.

Since the movie was released, that term conspiracy theorist has been engrained into society. More people are quick to label someone a conspiracy theorist about anything within the realm of global takeover of resources, silent genocide, etc. verses looking at history, connecting dots, following the money or researching on their own. And what’s funny, most of the ones quick to call someone a conspiracist prob can’t name 1 book of historical research on a point they are quick to defend.

Tv programs and movies really effect behavoir even in relationships. A post of facebook ask a valid question.

An average of ten million dollars is spent per 10 second commercial during the Superbowl to make consumers go out and buy, but watching an entire year of Sex in the City or A Tyler Perry movie like “Why Did I Get Married” will have no effect on how a couple relates and treats each other. Wow!

People’s behavoir are being shaped and they don’t even realize it. Sounds like mind control to us, but some would argue the contrary.

BYU assistant professor Sarah Coyne has been studying how groups of people act after watching these types of shows. She said, “Watching that does have an effect. It had an effect on the relational aggression behavior, and on physical behavior as well.”

She says the downside is people start to view this type of aggressive, mean behavior as normal, and Coyne says it can carry over into the home in the way people treat their spouses or children.

Behavior research shows that there is a direct correlation in, behavoir and independent critical thinking. People who are watching TV are having information and entertainment streamed into their heads without having to do any original or critical thinking on their own. The information disguided as entertainment goes into the fact storage areas of the brain, to later arise in serious life situations. The effect is worse on children. This results in millions of people who simply accept what they hear without either considering the source or discussing it with anyone — except to agree with what they just heard. This creates major problems as well. While psychological, it affects behavior such as relationships with other people, other nations, voting, ability to make decisions in ones best interest, and so forth.

Most people if they saw a flying saucer land in their front yard would think alien. WHY? Because of the tv. There are so many examples of the control.

With that being said, this post isn’t even about television watching, but more about the infamous “heart attack gun that was declassified in 1975”. We’ve known about this for a while, but just got around to posting it. Even this made our eyes pop out of our heads. If this happens to you. Don’t use visine. A cold water eye wash will do.

Maybe this isn’t real, but a spoof from they onion network that they forgot to brand their logo on. For those who don’t know in 1975, a heart attacked gun was declassified. Testimony comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 about corrupt CIA activity. The above video sums up the account. Apparently, the gun shoots a small poison dart that is made of ice. Then the poison would cause a heart attack, not long before the ice would melt. This is some James Bond ish. When we come across this type of info we wonder if this is true, then why is it allowed to hit the publics eye.  We then ask why was Watergate, Operation Mockingbird, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Operation Northwoods and many others allowed to hit the publics eye.


We also think about the tattoe on the face generation and the need for their focus to be in understanding what type of world we live in and the need to arm yourself mentally and the rest will follow.

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