Eat Healthy or Meet an Early Demise


Sadly enough, the cliché eat healthy or meet an early demise, is light years away and more than eating a McDonalds salad, vegetables cooked in chicken breast or frozen vegetables.

But on the bright side, putting real food in your body has gone mainstream, from the likes of Bill Maher expressing sentiments on gentically modified foods on his talk show to celebrities like Rusell Simmons, Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, Ellen DeGeneres, Prince, Ricky Williams, Venus and Serena Williams all going vegan or vegetarian is enough to make anyone wonder.

When transisitioning to eating healthy or eating real food, there’re so many levels and dynamics to consider. Education is key. A hinderance for most to even begin eating real food is money, taste and or tradition. Having a Nigerian father, I understand food complexities, psychology and it being a cultural rights of passage all to well. It takes a certain will to go against the grain of how one has been raised or eating for years. Who wants to sit at a table of loved ones eating turkey and dressing with a plate of tofu and lentil beans. Exactly, this is the first thought. But eating healthy is so much more than that. In 2012 there’re inexpensive recipe books, online cooking videos, vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops nation wide that will continue having everything finger licking good. But the reasoning behind going against that grain is more paramount than money, taste and tradition. There is a darker side. It’s because the food we eat is not what we think it is and has been tainted by people who now own that food. Their end goal is profit, not health. Herione was once legal, packaged nicely and sold by Bayer until there was a public out cry. This is no different. The food has been changed, so we must educate ourselves, our children and change our eating habits if we want to have a high quality of life.

With 75% of Americans being 9-5ers. It’s almost impossible to stay abreast or act on suspicions like, “Is this fish wild or farm raised and filled with chemicals, Is this shrimp from the gulf oil spill, are these vegetables laced with pesticides, is my child getting enough vitamins and minerals from this Big Mac, where can I find a ketchup without corn syrup, or thoughts like, I don’t consume MSG that often. If you do your research you will find that America leads the world in preventable diseases. And most diseases are a direct result of what you put in your body over a period of time. Voluntarily or involuntary.

Likewise, Indigenous peoples of islands off the coast of Japan and parts of India have the largest number of centenarians in the world. Why is this? Because they are consuming non-toxic foods that provide them with the optimum levels of vitamins and minerals. This means they don’t consume foods that scientists add addicitive chemicals, have shelf lives of over a 1 yr, and marketing to make them attractive. They eat food from the Earth. It’s as simple as that. Even more simple, if you feed a horse frozen, overly processed, boxed food with no nutrients, grains engineered to contain pesticides. In the coming years the horses body will break down. He/she may get diabetes, become depressed, mad and angry, overly stressed, cancer may take over, heart disease, teeth fall out, migraines or develop anxiety issues, etc. But if you gave that horse whole food that came directly from the earth as intended or close to it, then his coat would be shiny. He’d walk around with his head high, he would smile, dance when it rained, and tap dance Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” He would be healthy and vibrant, want to go riding all the time. Feel Me?

You must have energy to survive. Everything requires energy. Energy comes from food. Hormone feed animals, genetically modified, and processed food sprayed with certain chemicals do not have enough energy to keep you healthy. You must have energy to produce and raise children. You must have energy to work a job. Your organs need energy to work properly. You need energy for your skin to shine. You need energy to smile and be happy; They have a name and profit from it, it’s called “Depression.” All this comes from what you put in your body. Food determines the quality of your mood, stress fortitude, your hustle, your thoughts, and your drive to reach goals. You may not feel it in your youth, but eventually eating hormone feed animals, genetically modified, and processed food sprayed with certain chemicals will make anyone a candidate for heart disease, cancer, stroke, drepression, osteoporosis, and hypertension in a country with the largest number of sick people in the world.

As a result, Instead of associating any imbalance with food, we run to the doctors. They have their place, but doctors are merely salesmen for the pharmaceutical companies. They may care on a personal level, but they have been trained to benefit the interest of the billion-dollar industry they promote. Plus, why would they bite the hand that feeds them? Pharmaceutical companies need repeat customers. If they healed everyone they wouldn’t make money. 75% of medical industry profits come from prescription and over the counter drugs. It’s a system that preys on ignorance and emotional attachment to food. Consequently, the food must be disease causing to keep the industy afloat and the billions coming in. There have been soo many people to heal their diseases, by simply changing their thinking and diets. And cravings, cravings are one thing that much thought isn’t put into. And, real cravings or longings for a certain fast food or processed food is the direct indication of the quality of the program that was genitcally designed to create things like addiction to food. Various companys are paying top dollar to whatever scientist or company can engineer their food product to have the most addictive qualities. So, whatever food you crave the most, it was likely to have been designed by a great highly paid scientist. Once those time released programs in the chemicals bind with one’s neutrons on Tuesday you want pizza, on Thursday you want Chinese, and so on. It’s like a war going on inside one’s body by all the chemicals via various companys to get your money and make you unhealthy. So, more often than not the chemicals alter and decrease one’s metabolism and unsupresses appetties. In turn, many overweight people walking around. The break down is so crazy, but true.

So then, research regulatory agencies like the FDA and Codex Alimentarius we unknowly trust. These institutions effect what goes on our dinner tables. Research the multinational company Monsanto whose brand of food products have been banned or forced labeling enacted in most developed nations except for the US. Research how this one company owns over 75% of the nations seeds last time we checked, which they have genetically modified. They are also in Africa. Once you understand, grow your own food. Planet – Plant It – don’t Process It. Monsanto is also buying up all the organic aka normal seed companies and holding them in vaults like banks did gold. Research, what their plans are for the food they’re feeding the masses. Research the owners of these companies and see what else their associations have owned. It may surprise and reenforce the idea that nothing has changed but the paint. The house is still the same. The Native Americans laughed when the pilgrims put up markers establishing their plot of land. This behavoir was unknown to spiritual people. Little did they know that they’d be boxed on reservations centuries later, in their indegenous land. All to say, there is nothing spiritual about owning seeds, at that all of them. It’s quit the contrary. History shows that everyone doesn’t have the same connection and self regulating moral gauge toward nature and man. Whether it’s by nature or nuture it can be assumed.

In relation, there has been for sometimes a demise in the amount of bees that have been pollinating. It has been widely attributed to “global warming.” A few experts have contributed this phenomena to the contamination of genetically modified plant life. Scary enough, once genetically modified seeds are loose, they take over the natural landscape of the the normal plantlife. Experiments have been done with insects resulting where they will not touch food that has been too refined or altered. And, just think if the enitre world’s plant life is genetically altered, it will effect the insects, animals, and “maybe” even the oxygen they give off.

On another note, they flurry of “We Buy Gold” stores opening up is a direct parallel with the amount of progressive urban inner city farming movements. Oppression exists outside of obvious civil rights. The food is being oppressed. We’ve always believed oppression breeds consciousness, Consciousness breeds action. Action breeds change. Speaking of Change I recall Obama, 4 years ago stating he would make genetically modified labeling a priority. That has yet to be seen. It would seem that something as potentially life altering as genetically modified foods would have been an issue during the 2012 campaign. Guess there are more pressing issues outside of life.

Lastly, being raised a vegan in a health conscious environment, I’ve been afforded the understanding and importance of health. At a tender age whether it was my mom making me detox during the summer solstice or sneaking and reading my step fathers books on Chinese holistic medicine in relation to how the body relates to the seasons and our sembiotic relationship to all around us. I’m still learning and not as disciplined as I should be but It set a foundation in my understanding of ceratin things. It has also helped to have had a father in law who has been practicing traditional Chinese holistic medicine for over 30 years and carries around acupuncture needles like a superhero in a comic book. I recall receiving a 30 minute acupunture session at a festival in downtown Brooklyn while curious onlookers walked by. Even with inbetweens of all this, I went astray around 16 or so, and started eating fish and chicken. These were gateways to start consuming other things like cornsyrup filled diabetes causing soda’s, brain altering MSG laced processed pre-packaged editable products, and even something as seemingly non- threatening as chewing gum with aspartame. It took feeling the effects of not eating healthy to return to that foundation. I’m glad I went down that route. Now, astraying will never be an option. When it’s time to loose my shell, I want to be around some soft legs and full lips on a beach in Zanzibar, or Mozambique, not strapped to hospital bed at 52 getting spoon fed corn syrup filled vanilla pudding that got me there in the first place. If you have insight on something, share it with the unknowing. It still takes a village.

– Personal Advisory



Vitamin A

A deficiency of Vitamin A can lead you to have side effects including dry skin, dry hair, blindness at nighttime, and an increase in digestive infections.

A large excess of Vitamin A can lead to dry skin (just as in a deficiency), hair loss, pain in the abdominals, headaches, and drowsiness.

Vitamin B1

A deficiency can cause heart failure and water retention.

Vitamin B2

A deficiency can cause areas of discolored skin.

Vitamin B3

A deficiency can contribute to damage to the skin and nervous system.

A large excess can cause flush skin and liver damage.

Vitamin B6

A deficiency can cause nervousness and muscular disorders.

A large excess can cause a lack of coordination and numbness.

Vitamin B12

A deficiency can cause weakened nerve function.

Vitamin C

A deficiency can cause weakened immunity to sickness and slow healing of wounds.

A large excess can cause kidney stones and diarrhea.

Vitamin D

A deficiency can cause softened bones in adults and bone deformities in children.

A large excess can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney damage.

Vitamin E

A large excess can cause fatigue and vomiting.

Vitamin K

A deficiency can cause severe bleeding and easy bruising.

A large excess can cause liver damage.




A deficiency can cause a loss of bone mass and stunted growth.

A large excess can cause kidney stones and a lesser absorption of other minerals.


A deficiency can cause a loss in appetite and muscle cramps.

A large excess can cause high blood pressure.


A large excess can cause liver damage and vomiting.


Both a deficiency and excess can cause enlarged thyroids.


A deficiency can cause a weakened immune system and overall weakness in the body.

A large excess can cause liver damage, shock, and heart failure.


A deficiency can cause muscle cramps.

A large excess can cause neurological problems.


A large excess can cause nerve damage.


A deficiency can cause weakness.

A large excess can lead to a lesser absorption of other minerals.


A deficiency can cause muscle weakness.

A large excess can cause heart failure and paralysis.


A deficiency can cause muscle cramps and a reduced appetite.

A large excess can cause high blood pressure.


There are no known side effects of consuming too little or too much sulfur.


A deficiency can cause slurred speaking, trouble walking, and weakened immune function.

A large excess can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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