The African Roots of Computers and Binary Code.


The African Roots of Computers and Binary Code Explained by Ron Englash

Ron Englash explains how European explorers came across African divination and from tbreaking down that mathematics of the universe created binary code thus modern computers. You definantly will not see this being taught in school. This is very relative to those with a comprehension of geomancy, sacred geometry, the golden rule and African, Asian, European divination systems that preceded all secular activities.

We love this breakdown of what is natural to who he calls “Spirit People”. This just reinforces the idea that its no cliche, that Africa is the mother of civilization and if you don’t have an understanding of history you will believe anything presented to you by another. Truth is the solution. Imagine if this was taught in schools among other things.

We have met many who subscribe to the idea that slavery was a good thing or that traditional African cosmology spiritual systems like voodoo are taboo or “BAD” not realizing that their culture was taken from them waaay before they were born, told them that it was negative, used by the takers to progress economically and sold back to them in a different form.

Even today, Africans create movies about their traditional spiritual practices being negative. The programming is self generating like a program. These things are socially programmed through movies, advertising, and marketing, like “diamonds are a girls best friend” campaigns in the early 1900s. Today diamonds are often a prerequisite to choosing a life partner, and having kids with verses the character of the person. And character does include work ethnic because you have to have resources to support a family. So there’s someone who profits from marriages based on an idea or program that was inserted into the matrix around 100 years ago.

People with hues used to have telepathy, now they’ve been downgraded to cell phones and are charged for it all because someone else physically forced social and spiritual ideas upon, and have censored and made our history into something that is negative while they profit from it. 

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