Africa Saying No to Legalizing Homosexuality


Pressure by western leaders was met by Africa saying no to legalizing homosexuality.

Thousands of people across Africa have rejected the threat by US president, Barrack Obama, to cut aid to countries that don’t promote the interests of homosexuals. Government leaders and ordinary citizens have called upon Mr. Obama to respect the sovereignty of African countries and the beauty of African culture because they are not exchangeable for American aid. In November this year the British Prime-Minister, David Cameron, made a similar threat but was resisted; some African leaders told him to keep his aid. Most African countries have laws that prohibit homosexuality. Recently, Nigeria strengthened its anti-homosexual laws and in reaction this week to Mr. Obama’s threat, the information Minister Labaran Maku said Nigeria is proud of its values and as an independent state it has the right to make laws without apologies to other countries.


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